Interview with MVP Michael Seidl

Interview with MVP Michael Seidl

I got the chance the other day to interview Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP Michael Seidl:


Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP Michael Seidl



Can you introduce yourself to the readers?

My Name is Michael Seidl, I am a CDM MVP since 2015, a Senior Consultant in Service Management and Automation and the Founder of SCOOSP, a Self Service Portal for SCO, SMA and Azure Automation. My Blog is all about System Center and Azure, also take a look at and try our Self Service Portal.

How did you first get into IT?

My first step in IT was with 6 years and a Commodore 64, after school I started with a local Consulting Company, now I am working at one of the best Consulting Companies in Austria. Doing every day what I like and doing a lot of community work.

Are you working on any interesting projects at the moment that you can tell us about?

My main project at the moment is at a huge Company in Austria. Building all the Service around Service Manager and Orchestrator since about a year now, and we are still not finished. 🙂

How much time do you allocate a month to your blog?

My Community work is not only my Blog, its also a lot of Forum and Speaker Work, but I enjoy every minute to help and talk to other IT Guys. Its hard to count all the Minutes and hours, at the moment I haven’t much time for community work, cause we are building a house at the moment, so nealr y every spare time we are spending at our new house. But I am still trying to keep my Blog updated and do my community work.

What does being an Microsoft MVP mean to you? 

MVP is a huge honor for me. One thing is the big thanks from Microsoft, the other thing is to meet a lot of other MVP’s and share our Passion about MS Products and helping the community.

What advice would you give to people looking to get into the IT industry now?

I think it is the same for every industry, just do your thing, and do every day what you love.


You can find Michael’s blog over at

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