When I started looking for an Azure Meetup/User Group back in 2017 I struggled all I managed to find was the UK Azure User Group which was in London, which wasn't ideal as I'm based just outside Glasgow! Since then there has been an explosion of user groups formed, in England and Northern Ireland which is great to see!

From this map overview you can see where the groups are located and below I've listed more information about each group and linked to their ticketing system.



Scotland has two Azure user groups:

Glasgow Azure User Group

This is the group I founded back in February 2017, the group meets in the Glasgow city center every two months. Tickets to the event are free and are available from Eventbrite.

Edinburgh Azure User Group

This is the sister group of the Glasgow one, it meets every two months as well.



There are various groups throughout England, here are the ones I know about.

Northern Azure User Group

This group was formed by one of my fellow Microsoft colleagues but is now ran by some of the team from the Co-op. The group meets in Leeds and Manchester.

North East Azure User Group

Based in Newcastle this group was formed by Azure enthusiast Richard Hooper.

Kent Azure User Group

A brand new group formed in 2019 this group is looking to bring the community in Ashford area together to learn about Azure. They've yet to hold their first meetup but hopefully it will happen soon.

Azure Thames Valley

Founded at the end of 2018 this group is based in Maidenhead.

Warwickshire Microsoft Azure Meetup

In Leamington Spa this group had a few meetups last year, they don't have any plans for this year so far.

UK Azure User Group

Based in the heart of London this group has been running for a long time. Their meetups tend to happen quite frequently and change venue.

Azure Birmingham UK

This group merged with a local Data Platform user group to bring the two communities together. Check it out if you are interested in Azure and Data!

Sussex Azure User Group

A new group formed in April 2019, is due to have it's first meetup soon in Brighton. The team behind the group are hoping to create an environment where people can feel comfortable socialising and learning together.

Midlands Azure User Group

A new group formed in April 2019 with the first meetup scheduled for May in Birmingham. The team behind the group are Cloud Solution Architects at Microsoft.

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland

Belfast Azure Meetup

This group had a few meetups in 2018 in Belfast city center. Keep an eye out for meetups in the future!

It's great to see so many groups emerging! If you know of any other groups please let me know and I can add them to the list as well. And if you are near one of these groups, please do check them out. You can make so many great connections and learn a lot from attending user groups such as these.

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