My Workplace

Thomas Maurer posted a blog the other day showing his workplace and it's kicked off a bit of a trend with people sharing their setups on Twitter. So I'm jumping on that bandwagon and showing you all where I work when I'm not on the road these days....

  • The Surface Book 2 - 13.5"/ 512GB / Intel Core i7 is my work device, it's got Windows 10 installed and it's attached to my ViewSonic VX2363SMHL 23-inch Full HD Frameless IPS Monitor
  • My keyboard is a Microsoft All-in-One Media Keyboard and my mouse is a Arc Touch Mouse
  • I've got a Jabra Evolve 75e for calls
  • There is also a Harman Kardon Invoke on my desk which I love to use with Cortana and play my Spotify music throughout the day I've also got some wee minders like the Channel 9 dude which I picked up back in 2014 when I attended TechEd Europe back in 2014 and I've also got some Watchover Voodoo dolls that my Mum gave me.  I've also got my favourite Unicorn mug. What does your setup look like? Reach out to me on Twitter @TechieLass if you want to share. :)
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