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25th Feb 2021

Azure Unblogged - Azure Policy

In this new episode of Azure Unblogged I had the pleasure of sitting down with Bharath Sivaraman to talk about Azure Migrate.

Azure Migrate is a product I've been using and talking about for many years now, I often say that it's my favourite product within the the Azure range.

During the i...

19th Jan 2021

Nordic Virtual Summit

A while back myself and my colleague Thomas Maurer submitted a session to the Nordic Virtual Summit which is a 2 day online event aimed at the IT Pro community.

We were massively pleased when the organisers accepted our session and although we are presenting remotely and not in person we ar...

6th Nov 2020

Weekly Update Thumbnail

This week I have been focussing on prioritising my workload and making sure I hit the deadlines I need to as I have some time off work booked for next week. Which has been refreshing, as for the last few weeks I have just been context switching and do a lot of things and not really achieving anyt...

7th Oct 2020

Microsoft Ignite

Last year I had the honor of speaking at Microsoft Ignite for the first time, it was also my first Ignite conference. 😀 This year with the world in the state that it is, Microsoft turned the Ignite conference into a virtual event, which was disappointing in terms of missing out on meeting up with...

25th Sep 2020

Weekly Update Thumbnail

So this week has been absolutely crazy with everything that has happened with Microsoft Ignite. In my weekly update I give a round of some of the news that has stuck out to me this week and also give some insight into what it was like "backstage" at Ignite and what it looked like when I was interv...

24th Sep 2020

Azure Back to School

Migrating to Azure is something that a lot of companies are exploring and embarking on. And we are seeing a lot of things trigger those conversations. However, I always maintain that regardless of what is triggering your migration, or what industry you are in, or what size your organisation is...

22nd Sep 2020

Azure Migrate sessions at Microsoft Ignite 2020

As I'm sure you are all aware I am a massive fan of Azure Migrate and I enjoy talking about the migration journey that is possible due to it. Let's take a look at what sessions are covering it and migrations during Microsoft Ignite 2020! I've listed the session below in either Pacific Daylight T...

18th Sep 2020

Weekly Update Thumbnail

This week has again been all consumed with prep for Microsoft Ignite, it's been awesome meeting and catching up with the people that I will be interviewing during the event and also preparing for the session that I will be delivering.

If you want to catch the sessions I am involved in here ar...

16th Sep 2020

Azure Migrate and Availability Zones

Migrating workloads from on prem to Azure is something a lot of businesses are looking at and Azure Migrate is a great tool for helping to discover, assess and migrate those workloads.

One thing to consider with all workloads is the resiliency of the workloads that you are moving, chances are...

11th Sep 2020

Weekly Update Thumbnail

This week has been a hectic one with lots of prep for the upcoming Microsoft Ignite digital event, there are a lot of cool things being planned and although I am disappointed we aren't all heading to New Orleans for the event in person I am excited that we are still able to run the conference an...

27th Aug 2020

Weekly Update Thumbnail

I am back at work this week, and getting back into the swing of things after a week off last week. Thankfully I was off last week, as the weather in Scotland has been weather for ducks only! lol

During my update I talked about a couple of things, if you want to check them out in more detail he...

10th Aug 2020

Skylines Summer Sessions

I have had the pleasure of being invited to take part on the Skylines Summer Sessions series. 😀

If you haven't heard of the Skylines Summer Sessions series, it is a series of interactive sessions that the team at Skylines have put together featuring a bunch of Azure experts on various differ...

13th Jul 2020


Mert Yeter reached out to me recently and asked if I would be a guest on his msHOWTO show and I jumped at the chance as the show is something I've seen happening and wanted to be a part of. 😀

So on the 21st July Mert and I will be talking about Datacentre Migrations, which is one of my favo...

3rd Jul 2020

Weekly Update Thumbnail

I've recorded my 46th weekly update video! Where I talk about some Azure news and also the community engagements that I've been involved in this week.

You can tune in either in video format or audio format, the links are below, enjoy! 👍

During my update this week I talked about a couple of pi...

29th Jun 2020

Azure, Office and Data Community (Singapore)

One benefit of the current pandemic lock down that we all find ourselves in is that the amount of user group, conferences and meetups going online is allowing people the change to either attend or speak at events that they normally wouldn't be able to due to travel/budget constraints. I will be s...

26th Jun 2020

Weekly Update Thumbnail

I've recorded another weekly update video/podcast, I am off work today (again), so I've went with a recorded video rather than a live stream. Hopefully get back to the live stream event when I am back working a Friday again. 😉

You can tune into my update either in video format or in audio form...

19th Jun 2020

Weekly Update Thumbnail

I've recorded another weekly update video/podcast, I am off work today but I am hoping that next week I can do another live stream of this and everyone can join in so look out for details on that.

You can tune into my update either in video format or in audio format, the links are below, enjoy...

10th Jun 2020

TechDays 2020 Finalnd

I recently received the confirmation email that I will be speaking at the Azure Day Rome 2020, which was supposed to be an in person event but has changed to a virtual event.

The session is one I have presented before, although with all the changes to Azure Migrate lately there is definitely so...

16th Mar 2020

I really enjoy speaking to customers about their migration projects from on prem to Azure, understanding their motivations, budgets, timelines, what workloads they run, etc And I love helping them on that journey which is why my talk "Start your datacentre transformation with Azure Migrate" was cre...

4th Mar 2020

Azure Migrate

Azure Migrate is a product that's been in the Azure portfolio since 2017, when it was first launched it was capable of helping customers assess their VMware estates and understanding how to move those on prem workloads to the Cloud. As the product has matured it has added new features and grown...

29th Jan 2020

TechDays 2020 Finalnd

I recently received the confirmation email that I will be speaking at the TechDays 2020 event in Finland in March.

The session is one I have presented before, although with all the changes to Azure Migrate lately there is definitely something new in it if you've seen me deliver the talk before....

16th Dec 2019

Mechelen at Night

Back in June 2019 I received notification that two of my sessions had been accepted from the organisers at Cloudbrew, I was on holiday with my family in Cornwall and remember being excited by the news! I'd found out about Cloudbrew 2018 to late to submit as a speaker so I was very pleased to ha...

11th Dec 2019

Azure Migrate

Whenever I have spoke to customers about assessing their server estate to understand if it's Azure readiness and understand costs within Azure, the question has always been "Can I use the spreadsheet that I've got with my server inventory?" and unfortunately the answer was no, until the Azure Mi...

7th Dec 2019

The Azure Advent Calendar is an initiative that Gregor Suttie and Richard Hooper have created, where every day within December new videos will be released from experts around the world. Each day the videos will either cover off an Azure product or provide some career advice.

Today it's my tu...

15th Nov 2019

Microsoft Ignite 2019

This time last week I was finishing off last minute packing and waiting on my taxi to take me to Glasgow airport for the first of two flights that would get me to Orlando, Florida. I was on my way to the Microsoft Ignite 2019 event.

The last big external conference I had attended was TechEd E...

23rd Oct 2019

MS Ignite 2019

The Azure Product Teams are always looking for feedback and input from customers as to how they can improve, add functionality or change functionality within their products. During Microsoft Ignite a lot of the product teams will be holding meetings looking for such feedback and I'd encourage t...

14th Oct 2019

I've worked in the field helping customers adopt Azure for several years now and one of the common questions that is continually asked is “What are the best practices for adopting the cloud?” This question often has many facets around it, the WHAT and WHY of digital transformation and the HOW.


25th Sep 2019


I recently received the confirmation email that I will be speaking at the CloudBrew in Mechelen, Belgium. This is the sixth year in the conference's history. I've never been to Belgium before, typically these types of trips don't let me do any sightseeing but it's good to add more places to "my v...

1st Aug 2019

Azure Migrate

As regulars to my blog will know I am a huge fan of the Azure Migrate product that Microsoft released in 2018. The first iteration of the product assessed your VMware environment and provided you with insightful feedback so you could start to plan out your migration from your on-premises data c...

30th May 2019

In March 2017 a statue called "The Fearless Girl" was installed in New York to symbolise gender-diversity and the power of women in leadership.

Over a year earlier in June 2016 I was in London watching my Mum, be fearless and present a session at the SITS - The Service Desk & IT Support Show....

20th Mar 2019


My day job involves talking to customers about moving their existing on-premises environment to Azure and one of the first things people want to understand is how cost effective the move will be. There are a number of ways that this data can be gathered, I'm a big fan of using Azure Migrate and...

26th Feb 2019

Intelligent Cloud Conference

I recently received the confirmation email that I will be speaking at the Intelligent Cloud Conference Copenhagen, Denmark. This is the second international conference that I've been accepted at this year, but it will be the first I speak to due to scheduling.

This is a three day event, with...

6th Feb 2019

Lab Automation

In my day job I often take customers through demos of our products, we have some pre-canned demos available to use as well as some demo environments but there are some gaps and we have to built our own or find other methods of showing off the products. Three products I talk about often are Azure...

17th Jan 2019

Experts Live Norway

I recently received the confirmation email that I will be speaking at the first Experts Live Norway event in Oslo, Norway later this year. This is super exciting as this is the first speaking acceptance I've had for an international conference. I've never been to Norway, so this will be my first...

2nd Jan 2019

Azure Migrate

I am a huge advocate of Azure Migrate and have written a few blogs on it in the past:

For those of you unfamiliar with with product, it is a product that can help you discover and assess your on-premises envi...

18th Dec 2018

Microsoft Assessment and Planning

The Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) toolkit is something that has been around for a long time, you might have used it to inventory your environment or used it recently to upgrade your desktops to Windows 10. It has many uses, in previous jobs I used it to collect some quick data around a...

22nd Oct 2018

The Background Story

Back when I was an Infrastructure Engineer for a Managed Service Provider, patch management was both the bane of my life and something I enjoyed.

I didn't enjoy the late nights patching and restarting servers, having to be on site on my own watching servers tentatively star...

12th Sep 2018

A while back I wrote a blog post entitled Getting Hands on with Azure Migrate, which covered off how you can deploy Azure Migrate within your environment to evaluate how ready your servers are for a move to Azure.

The information Azure Migrate gives you on it's own is fantastic and can really s...

10th Sep 2018

UK Cloud Infrastructure User Group Logo

The UK Cloud Infrastructure User Group is a group that has been running since 2016 in London, and I am pleased to announce that I have been accepted to speak at the group in October this year.

My session is entitled Start your datacentre transformation journey with Azure Migrate. During th...

17th Aug 2018

TechUG Logo

Last year I took the plunge and volunteered to speak at the Technology User Group (TechUG) event in Glasgow. I spoke about Office 365 and whether or not backups were necessary. It was my first real attempt at public speaking and it was a great event to be apart of. Everyone was very friendly...

4th Jul 2018

Last year I stepped into the world of public speaking for the first time.  I delivered a session as part of my work at one of the Microsoft Tech4Good events in Edinburgh and then I spoke at a community event in Glasgow. Public speaking isn't something that I ever thought I'd venture into doing but I...

19th Jun 2018

I've been recently working a lot of Azure Migrate, and although I've spent alot of time over the years managing VMware environments I haven't been hands on with one for nearly two years now.  So I dusted off my aging HP ProLiant Microserver and spun up a small VMware environment lab to get hands on...