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Last year I spoke at the first Experts Live Norway event, and it was my first acceptance at an international event and I'm pleased to announce that the team have invited me back as a speaker for this year's event!

Experts Live Norway is part of a global network of conferences and communities, there maybe an event near your -

The conference is on the 28th May 2020 at the Felix Conference center, my session will be entitled "Deliver value within Azure without spending a penny!". My session hopes to cover off:

"Organisations are under immense pressure to stay relevant and innovate. Utilising Cloud services is one of the ways they are looking to do just that. However, moving from a traditional on premise CAPEX spending model to an OPEX one can be a challenging cultural change. It's key that organisations understand the free services that are available within cloud platforms that can provide great feedback, advice, and insight they can leverage . The list of free products within Azure is vast and offers many different options for Infrastructure or Platform as a Service solution. These products allow you experiment, test and learn for free."

Tickets are available from the conference website and if you can get along to the event I highly recommend you do so. I look forward to seeing you there!

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