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I'm slightly late with my weekly video as I was at a conference on Friday and it is a fairly short one this week as I am not feeling very well unfortunately.


Barclays AI Frenzy


To find out more about my vlogging equipment, check out my article.

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This week I talk about attending the Women in Tech Scotland event in Edinburgh and the two conferences that I am on the organising committee for. As well as a whisky that was made using Azure Artifical Intelligence.


Women in Tech Scotland

Glasgow Azure User Group

Scottish Su...

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ChefConf London

I had the pleasure of attending the inaugural ChefConf held in London last week. It was a two-day event happening in the centre of London, a mini version of ChefConf that ran in Seattle, earlier this year for those familiar with that event.

For those not familiar with who Chef are, they are a c...

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a shy, reticent person.

I'm an introvert.

Me as an introvert


For some of you reading this blog post that won't be news, you'll be sitting there nodding going, "Yip, that's the Sarah I know". Others will be sitting there pondering, "That doesn't sound like the Sarah I've encountered, I've s...

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